Get Smart Irrigation For Water And Cost Savings

The beginning of summer is a great time look at ways of improving the efficiency of your irrigation system or install one that is a water-efficient automatic irrigation system. You can maximize water efficiency while still maintaining a beautiful landscape with the use of some of the many ‘smart’ technologies that are available on the market today. Whether you decide to use a commercial irrigation system Northern Virginia expert or do it yourself, you should consider some of these technologies.

By making use of rain sensors you can prevent irrigation systems from running during periods of rain and right after it has rained, when irrigation is unnecessary. When temperatures approach freezing, rain/freeze sensors are able to stop irrigation, prevent ice on landscapes and hardscapes. These devices are able to extend the life of your irrigation system and reduce irrigation water usage by as much as 35 percent in commercial irrigation Reston VA. Rain sensors will eliminate those embarrassing and wasteful situations because sprinkler systems should never run when it is raining.

Weather-based controllers can adjust your irrigation schedules according to local weather conditions. To ensure your landscapes always receive the appropriate amount of water, these climate-based systems collect information about local weather conditions, sometimes even factoring in your landscape type, soil, plants, slopes etc. in order to make adjustments for run-time. You can choose from a variety of products in this category that offer a selection of input options for specific landscape adjustments. The convenience of using these self-adjusting controllers and the substantial water savings can be a great benefit.

Relying on soil moisture sensors that are located below ground in the roots of landscapes and lawns, sensor-based controllers are able to determine when and how long to irrigate. For optimal plant health, the soils between the lower and upper target moisture levels, is well maintained. Scheduling your regular irrigation program to only run based on the moisture level is another alternative. You can purchase add-on devices for your existing controllers that are sensor based and local weather based. These can reduce irrigation water usage by up to 70 percent while maintaining the quality of the landscape.

Drip irrigation systems differ greatly from pop-up sprinkler systems. These systems deliver right amounts of water to specific areas or close to plant root zones with the use of point emitters instead of wide areas of irrigation. This water slowly drips from the emitters onto the surface of the soil or below the ground. As a result, less water is lost to evaporation and wind, while there may also be a reduction in weeds. Drip irrigation can be customized and is very water-efficient for small areas with different plant types.

All sprinklers have a certain water pressure at which they operate best. The water distribution is most uniform across the target area at the correct pressure. Shorter run times are allowed for the entire lawn to be green. You need to set schedules to provide water to the driest areas. Potential irrigation system damage and misting sprinkler issues can also be eliminated by reducing high pressure. You can use 6 to 8 percent less water every time you reduce the water pressure by 5 points. This really adds up. Water pressure regulation devices can be easily added to individual sprinklers or valves to control a whole irrigation zone.

There are many sprinkler nozzles available on the market today that offer improved water distribution uniformity and use lower precipitation rates that assist in reducing run-off. To enable water run time reduction you must have distribution uniformity. The watering time for the driest spots will be shorter with uniformity in water distribution, resulting in colorful plants and green lawns because the entire area is receiving sufficient water. When selecting nozzles and sprinklers for commercial irrigation Reston VA, you need to inquire about these critical considerations.

By using water-efficient products you will be able to greatly reduce your water use and water bills without your plant and landscape health. You can help conserve a precious natural resource and still enjoy all of the benefits that are associated with having a property that is beautifully landscaped and well watered. It is important to take advantage of any ideas that will save on your expenses, are good for you and our planet.